Dental Dancing

Just a quick one today, guys… Well, we just got back from Kassie’s first trip to the dentist. At 21 months, it went about as I expected. No real examination of a 21month old’s teeth is possible while the child is awake. The dentist was able to get a few cursory glances at my daughter’s […]

Am I Really?

I often overhear bits of conversation or see Facebook posts where parents are expressing a legitimate concern and there is a rush to defend them, to ease their minds and reassure them that they are awesome and doing a great job with their kids. I wonder sometimes if, upon receiving such reassurances, they ever ask […]

A Father’s Love

I saw this article on Facebook late last week.   In the realm of TLDR, here’s the highlights: A woman in Armenia gives birth to a boy with Down Syndrome. She promptly tells her Kiwi Husband, to decide between the baby and her. Dad opts for the baby, divorce papers are underway. Dad goes […]

Cultural Catastrophe

I saw a video on Facebook last week that hurt me to the core of my soul. An Asian woman took her child out behind the building for what I assume was a disciplinary lesson. What occurred was a savage beating. The child, whose sex is unclear, was made to stand still with  pants down […]

Fitness Foray

As I sit here to write this, I can’t believe that four months (almost five) have passed. In that time, I had made no major strides to improve my health and fitness. Looking at the scale on January 2nd and seeing that my 5 Foot 9 1/2 inch frame was draped with 207lbs of meat […]

Fitness Follies

So ever since getting a puppy and having a baby a year and a half or so ago, my physique has gone to pot… And that pot is called my belly. Between walking the dog, regular baby duties, and chronic sleep deprivation, I have had little time to exercise or eat right. Though to be […]

Papa Prepper – Part 2

Benjamin Franklin is often credited with saying “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Here in New York, for some basic ideas, visit In whatever state you live, there should be a similar site. Use the sites for ideas and information. Unfortunately, I am going to recommend that in an emergency […]

Life, Interrupted

I will get back to my emergency preparedness posts after this. The death of Robin Williams has affected me more than I was prepared for, not just because of the loss of a genius who made me smile and laugh (and sometimes cry) for decades, but because of the circumstances of his death. Depression is […]

Papa Prepper – Part 1

As the second anniversary of “Superstorm” Sandy approaches, I feel compelled to speak on this topic now. I have lived in New York City all my life. I have lived through the blackouts of 1977 and 2003 and a handful of nasty hurricanes and snow/ice storms, and 9/11. Living in Manhattan, the storms affected me […]

Restless Nights

I do not hide the fact that I had a very hard time deciding to have another child. When my wife and I got together, one of the big things we agreed upon was that I had 4 children and didn’t need any more, and she did not want to have children. Fast forward about […]